Ombré Powder Effect -

Ombré powder brows are a new style of semi-permanent makeup tattooing used to help people achieve those lust-worthy brows. This style features simulated makeup rather than simulated hairs. The technician fills in the brows with a faded technique that starts darker in the brow tails and becomes lighter towards the front of the brows. This process is highly customizable to the individual and can be used to both shape the brows as well as provide the desired ombré effect.

Ombré x Microblading -

Combination Brows is a mix of both Microblading and Microshading. The front or entire brow is microbladed with a manual tool for precise hair strokes. The rest of the brow is shaded in with a tattoo machine to give a fuller more filled in brow. It is the ideal medium between natural microbladed brows and ombré powder brows.

Combination Brows work for all skin types and for covering up/correcting old permanent makeup.