FEATHERSTROKE BROWS  -  FULL SET                                                                       

A new set of personalised, perfectly natural looking semi-permanent eyebrows. By using the latest techniques, we ensure that your eyebrows are naturally built up using a feather-like process that enhances your natural hair growth, leaving you with perfectly natural, but more vibrant and stunning eyebrows. 


FEATHERSTROKE BROWS  -  REFRESH                                                                

In most cases there will be areas in the brows that haven’t taken to the pigment as well which is what we address at the follow up appointment. The areas that need addressing are generally very minor, resulting in a short appointment. This second session will determine how each skin type retains the colour of the tattoo pigment as well as the skins healing rate. During the first week of healing, colour will appear dramatically lighter. Any desired adjustments can be made in this session to create a darker or bolder tattoo